Webkinz Bichon Frise March 2014 Pet of the Month

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Pets adopted during the Pet of the Month (POM) period will receive all the standard adoption gifts PLUS special exclusive items for the POM. POM pets will receive a loot bag full of surprises including bonus KinzCash and more, and a new special Pet of the Month virtual item that can’t be purchased or won any other way! Included, also, one of ther latest special recipe foods, a W-Shop Coupon, and between 500 and 1000 KinzCash as a special bonus!

Pets can be purchased ahead of time but must not be registered before the first day of the month in which they are featured as the POM.

Product Features

  • Webkinz March 2014 Pet of the Month
  • Exclusive Virtual Pet
  • Extra Prizes Include Wish Token & Bonus KinzCash
  • Unique Sealed Secret Code
  • For Ages 5 & Up


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