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Why we love Plush Dogs

Real, live dogs don’t make sensible gifts. It’s the same scenario every year: Cute puppies make children’s eyes sparkle, if only for a little while. But what happens next? The pup is messy, needs to go to the vet and chews up dad’s favorite slippers. The pup gets kicked out of the house, or worse, will end up neglected and tossed aside like an inanimate object.

Realistic and Lifelike Stuffed Dogs Save Lives

Please don’t contribute to the plight of the thousands of dumped dogs that crowd the animal shelters and eventually get euthanized. If you are looking for a cute puppy to give as a gift please consider a stuffed, plush dog instead. You will feel good because you may just save a precious life! Plush dogs are just as cute and cuddly to children as the real thing, and they don’t incur additional expense. They don’t need food, medical care, exercise and maintenance. Some stuffed toy dogs are so lifelike they fool even other dogs into thinking that they are real. Most dog breeds have plush counterparts that will delight the children in your life and make their eyes sparkle just like a real pet. Did you spot your favorite dog breed here or were you missing any plushies? Let me know if you’re looking for a different stuffed dog and I’ll help you find it. Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

our pets
I wish the people who discarded these dogs would have opted to give their kids plush toy dogs instead. Luckily, these abandoned strays found their way into my home, but there are too many more who are not so lucky.

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