Squishable / Pug Plush Dog – 15″

Product Features

  • 15 squishy inches of princely pup!
  • All new polyester fiber.
  • Ages 3 and up
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Pugs! Those bulging eyes! That wrinkly face! The curly tail! Surely there’s some socio-cultural reason for why you’re so ridiculously adorable? I’m glad you asked!

Bear with me here. The word tycoon comes, by way of Japan, from the Chinese word meaning “Great Prince”! Centuries ago, the Chinese bred these cuddly little Pugs so that their wrinkles would look like…wait for it…the character for the word ‘Prince’. I couldn’t make this up! Cramming so much cuddle into a compact and package is truly a challenge fit for a prince, but we proudly accept it! Care for a royal snuggle? Don’t mind if I do!

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